Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Voting, Part 2

Tuesday afternoon was overcast but not raining, so I decided to push Mom over to the polling place in her wheelchair, first making sure she was bundled up.
It was a dramatic experience for her: travelling two blocks at 5 pm as it was getting dark and then entering the brightly lit, colorful room with voting booths.
She held her ballot, slipped it in the ballot box, and was given a sticker "I voted" to wear.
At dinner, she was the only one in the Reminiscence Neighborhood wearing that sticker.
In fact, most of the caregivers had not voted because they are legal residents but not yet citizens. Many are from the Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, the Philippines.
The next day I learned that my hypothesis was wrong--that voters might have a tendency to vote "yes" because it feels good. California voters had no problem voting "no" on all the propositions.
Mom was proud of voting "yes."

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Mary said...

I wanted to read your blog but it is so dark on my screen that I could not. But I identified with your post reviewing The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio.