Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Political Commentary: State of the Union

Mom and I had an hour's drive in the car today to see a neurologist at UC Irivine. That meant a lot of time for conversation.
Somehow she was telling me that she saw President Bush on television last night.
"Oh, did you listen to the State of the Union speech?" I asked her.
"Yes, it wasn't very good--I mean the country," she commented.
"Oh," I said, amazed that she had been able to make this accurate assessment.
"He's broken the will of the Constitution, and no other president except Reagan did that," she added.
"Yes, he has," I responded, not sure exactly what she meant, but still more amazed at the general accuracy.
She was a Democrat for the first fifty years of her life, then a staunch Republican for the last 37 years.
Where she got this current perspective on Bush and the State of the Union, I don't know. I don't discuss politics with her.

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