Monday, April 17, 2006

Gone Fishing

I hope to drive to Colorado today for a 9-10 day vacation, checking on my mother's house near Telluride as well as mine.
They say that caregivers need to take time for themselves--well, this is it.
I hope I have made enough arrangements with Ocean View Assisted Living and with the private caregiver who will come 8 hrs. per day in the early evening M-F. I still have to type various notes and schedules of her preferred routine throughout the day.
I hope Mom will get through this ten days without a physical or mental health crisis.
My sister will visit at least once, but most of the time Mom will be on her own with the various caregivers.
When I told Mom I was driving to Colorado, she immediately asked, "Can I go with you?"
It was hard to tell her no.


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