Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Thank goodness Mom's private caregiver came to work today, though it's a holiday. I'm still lying in bed most of the day after my surgery last Tuesday.
I tried repeatedly to call Mom earlier in the day, but no one was answering the phones at Ocean View Assisted Living. Probably they were short-staffed; the few that were there could not get to the phone.
At 5 pm Connie arrived to manage Mom until 10 pm, so I was able to call her.
"Hi, Mom. How are you doing?" I began.
"Terrible... why are things terrible?"
"Because I get so scared... Because my bones are broken and I don't think they'll ever work again."
"Mom, your bones are not broken. You can walk with your walker. Did you get your hair done today?"
"Yes, but she almost burns me. I just have to yell and tell her to stop. She always says 'Move your tush!' She uses that French word for your bottom."
"That's nice that Elisa came in today. It's Memorial Day... she could have stayed home."
"I guess I'm going to be stuck forever," Mom continued. "I'd like to go somewhere every day."
"Where would you like to go?"
"I'd like to go back to where I was, if they'd take me. I just can't go on like this forever."

She is bored and lonely. She has not left the building for eleven days, except for going around the block to Rite-Aid for an ice cream cone four days ago.
If she had Alzheimer's, this would be okay. But with Lewy Body Dementia, she recalls her recent past enough to be frustrated with not going anywhere.

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