Sunday, May 06, 2007

Planning for Next Time

What a relief to have Mom back at Ocean View Assisted Living. She really likes it, and I have peace of mind when I am not with her.

I hope she can live peacefully there until the end, perhaps with hospice, but just in case I am researching alternatives:

1) my brother's home near Tacoma with round the clock attendants

2) various small home-style residences sprinkled throughout Santa Irena with with 5-10 patients each. These vary tremendously, some good and some not so good. I have visited some before and rejected them---not as elegant as Ocean View--but for her last month if she is in a coma and needs nursing care, IV, etc., one of these may be necessary.

3) two residences in the Sunrise chain that have a floor for skilled nursing and may have a good care ratio (1 caregiver having 5-6 residents), unlike most nursing homes (SNFs).

4) any other nursing homes that have a 1/5 care ratio

5) the PEO chapter house in Alhambra (east of LA), which has a skilled nursing wing I think.

So I'm researching these alternatives so that next time, when she gets to the point where she has medical needs that can't be met at Ocean View, I will make a better decision.

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