Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Missing Hair-Do

Mom appears to be none the worse for the wear during my almost three-week absence, but I found out that she has not had her hair washed or set since July 12, when she had a perm.
"Don't get your hair done Monday," I said when I left. "You have to skip a week because of your fresh perm."
Mom remembered this and refused to go down to the hair stylist in the building on Monday for her usual appointment.
But the hair stylist interpreted her refusal as an indication that she didn't plan to get her weekly hairdo's any longer. She removed her name from the appointment list, and for the next two Mondays, Mom still did not get a shampoo and set.
When I found out, I spoke with Elisa, the stylist.
"She said no more," Elisa said, righteously.
"But she's on the third floor!" I said. "People on the third floor have dementia. You can't take their word for it and remove them from your list. Don't change anything without talking with me."
"I called your home, but you didn't answer," she said.
Funny that there was no message on my machine... but I again told her, "No changes unless you first speak with me."
Then Elisa said she could not give Mom a shampoo and set today. Since she only comes two days per week, that meant we had to go elsewhere to get it done.
I took Mom out in her wheelchair and we walked until we found a shop that would take walk-in business.
My 9 am visit ended up taking until 5 pm... I also had to get her a manicure because her nails were rough, and she was scratching herself on her chest. Then we had to buy Depends, etc.

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