Friday, December 22, 2006

And Finally, a CT Scan

Today I took Mom for the CT scan of her shoulder. She's complaining less of pain, so probably she's okay and therapy on the shoulder can begin soon. (Dr. Rosen didn't want it to become "frozen.")
This was the fourth day this week that I arrived late at Mom's residence to take her to an appointment.
Each time I bundle her up, put her feet on the leg rests of her wheelchair, and jog the block and a half between her building and the medical building, bumping over the cracks in the sidewalk and ups & downs of the curbs, crossing 15th Street, running along Arizona St., then crossing both Arizona and 16th Street, dodging cars that are supposed to honor stop signs.
On Monday she screamed all the way in a high pitched voice--"Eeeeeee--I'm going to fall--the cars are going to hit us" but today she only screamed a little.
Today there was a strong cold wind blowing from the east, a Santa Ana, but I had Mom's face completely covered by a red knit cap and a colorful scarf knitted for her by a friend of Marie's in Argentina. Over her lap and legs I had folded two small blankets.
Some people get exercise running with their infant in a jogging-type stroller.
I jog with my mother in a wheelchair.

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