Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Is This Lump About?

I stopped by to visit Mom only briefly in the morning because I had to do two hours of Christmas shopping with my daughters, who had just returned from college, before driving one of them to a rehab center and checking her in to be treated for an eating disorder.
But Mom's caregivers were very concerned about her when I arrived. They pointed out a new oddity: a rectangular lump on her left clavicle, about 2 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1 inch raised. It was extremely tender to the touch.
Had it been there since Saturday but not been noticed? Or had it just appeared?
I was tempted to ignore it--maybe it would be gone tomorrow.
On the other hand, there it was, and Mom screamed when anyone touched it. Was her collar bone broken?
I left Mom to her caregivers but called the office of Mom's doctor to leave a message and ask whether I should bring her in again, even though she had just been seen Monday.
Meanwhile, I dropped my daughters off at the mall and parked the car.
"We'll be in Hard Tail," they told me, but I couldn't find this store.
I called Marie to ask where the store was, but she didn't answer. Seconds later my cell phone rang, however, so I flipped it open and said, without checking to see whom the call was from, "Just tell me where Hard Tail is."
"Hello, this is Dr. Rosen," the doctor said. "Yes, I think you need to bring Evelyn in. Please make an appointment for tomorrow."

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