Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Search of Song

I succeeded in another brief visit today.
Hearing singing on the first floor at 4 pm, I rushed her down to hear it, but the 3 pm weekly program had just ended.
We got popcorn and the local newspaper and returned to her floor.
Then I helped her to walk 100 feet with her walker from her room to the dining area. She can still walk pretty well, but I stand with my hand on her back to make sure she doesn't lose her balance and fall backward. I pull the wheelchair behind me because sometimes she walks fifty feet or less and has to sit down.
For several months I wasn't making her walk--she walked only once a week or less with Connie. But now I am trying to make sure she continues to walk, so she won't forget how and so her turned in feet will straighten out a little.
I left by 5 pm, saying as I always do, "I'll see you tomorrow at 2 pm."
I used to say the actual time I expect to arrive--maybe 4 pm or 11 am--but now I always say "2 pm" and she feels secure in this.

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