Friday, February 01, 2008


The US District Court, Denver Jury Division, mailed Mom a summons to jury duty on Dec. 27.

Then on Jan. 15 they sent a threatening note (fine or imprisonment) because they did not get an answer back within ten days.

So now I have filled out the response form, and I will try to find some kind of proof of her mental disability to enclose with it.

Never mind that she is almost 89 and lives in California, which they might have figured out by mailing it to her address here.

Penalty: Failure to respond and/or non-appearance may lead the court to issue an order to the US Marshal to have you brought before a judge for an explanation as to your non-response and/or non-appearance. Any person who FAILS TO SHOW GOOD CAUSE for non-compliance with a summons may be fined and/or imprisoned.

Imagine the scene: Mom hauled into a Denver court to explain to the judge why she didn't report for jury duty.

I bet she'd tell the judge a pretty good story.

She'd love the attention--and especially the trip to Colorado for the first time since she was brought here in November 2003.

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