Friday, April 04, 2008

Jim's Report

An email from my brother Jim:

"Sorry to send this, but I want to be clear just in case anyone's in denial. Hospice and the care assister both pointed to indications that Mom's body is shutting down: cold feet and extremities, purple in the hands and feet, inability to eat or even drink, swallow or pee, nausea, pain or imagined pain in back, falling feeling, more sleep going into a deep state where she repeats things like "please take me...." or "please just let me die."

If I take what I heard from Hospice, who deal with dying, I give her a few days. She's clearly lost a lot of weight since I saw her last year, but she's still got body weight there -- enough to pain my arm, and lots more than Aunt Grace at the end.

I am planning for her passing; maybe Tom, Greg and I will come out for a memorial (by car).

Thanks to you all for telling me to get my butt out to see her, because we had a nice visit.


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