Friday, April 25, 2008

She's History

Now that Mom is gone and the busyness of her memorial service is over, other concerns absorb my attention.

A crisis with daughter #1 absorbs all my attention for a week, and I realize that I'm not thinking about Mom at all.

Then it blows over--actually a false alarm--and I remember I need to grade the midterm I gave a few days ago. And I should order plane tickets to the graduation of daughter #2.

The backlog of other things to do leaps into mind: 2007 tax return, visas and hotel for our big summer trip, preparation for a speech on abortion at PARO (Presbyterians for Reproductive Options, meeting during General Assembly in June).

When I do think of Mom, I regret not thinking of her at all for half a day. She would hate that! Always she wanted to be important, but now she is not the focus of my attention.

She's history.

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