Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Case(s) of the Missing Teeth

Case 1

What: Mom's lower partial plate--two molar teeth each on the left and right on a pink plate with a gold bracket to attach them to her central teeth (still rooted in her jaw).

When discovered missing: Tuesday night, 7:30 pm, by Connie, the night caregiver

Mom's reaction: Laughter as we search. "This is so ridiculous! No, I don't know where they are." But isn't all the excitement fun!

Anne's reaction: $$$ How could they vanish during the three hours I took her out? Did she take them out and leave them on the plate at the buffet reception at UCLA? I wasn't watching her closely--I was talking with other people. What if we can't find them? How much will it cost to replace them? Can I face another encounter with the dentist after the embarrassing visit last week?

When found: Wednesday morning, 8 am, by Jona, the day caregiver, while emptying the small waste basket by Mom's recliner. They were on the floor between the waste basket and the chair.

Case 2

What: same item

When discovered missing: Thursday morning, 7:30 am, by Jona.

Mom's reaction: More excitement! "I don't where they are. I put them under my pillow for the tooth fairy."

Anne's reaction: "At least you have not left the room. They have to be here somewhere. Why did you take them out? If we can't find them, you will be back on a pureed diet, like Sue. You will be eating pureed food for the rest of your life."

Mom's secondary reaction: Dismay. Then "You probably put them somewhere."

Jona's reaction: Comforting Mom.

When found: ???

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