Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Easy To Go Wrong

It's so easy for Mom to slide from a state of well-being to a few rungs below and then begin a steep downhill slide.
Today both of Mom's hands were shaking as she sat with them in her lap, probably the result of her fall yesterday.
She was also complaining "My bottom hurts," as she said yesterday. I should probably take her to the ER for an x-ray in case she broke a bone in her fall, but I just don't want to lose six hours doing that, only to hear she is fine.
In addition, three new problems developed:
1) I noticed she has two big blood-filled bruises on her wrists, one on each hand, one on the inside of the wrist, the other on top. I guess it is from last Wednesday when I allowed the staff to take her for her blood test. They took her to a lab I don't use, and whoever took her blood sample must have been unable to find a vein.
Probably I should return to taking her myself for her blood tests and going to the lab that does it right.
I took her to show the bruises to two staff members, telling them that I will take over her blood tests again if this continues.
2) The new hairdo she got yesterday was gone. Instead her hair was flattened on top, hard with matted mousse, and frizzy around the neckline like a perm that had not been put on rollers. $20 yesterday for the shampoo and set--but today it looks as if she hadn't had her hair done for ten days.
I took her to the beauty shop and complained. They wanted to spiff it up on the spot, but I said "Just do a better job next time."
Her caregiver Connie says she used a shower cap last night on the hairdo, didn't get it wet. So maybe the caregiver who dressed her this morning combed it with a wet comb and ruined it?
3) Her favorite sweater, the one with the faux fur collar, has to be taken to the dry cleaners again, though it was just cleaned a week ago. It has black smears on the arms and side from rubbing against the wheelchair wheels. I drove it to the dry cleaners.
I was going to try to get her walking a little ways every day to regain mobility, but with this fall she can't do that yet.
I left after two hours, feeling glum about her shaking hands, her bruises, her flattened sticky hair, and her favorite sweater going back to the dry cleaners.
If I don't provide continual attention, things fall apart.

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