Friday, February 02, 2007

The Kindness of P.E.O. Sisters

Today was another exciting P.E.O. meeting, the second I have hosted in my home.
I hadn't scrubbed my kitchen floor since the last such occasion, before Halloween, but I did it from about 1 to 3 am last night.
Not a good time to scrub floors--in my sleepiness I dumped the bucket of dirty water down the toilet with the square scrub pad in the water, but somehow it didn't clog my plumbing.
By 10 am the meeting was getting underway.
The chaplain read a nice devotion on love from Corinthians, and the president complimented her on doing such a good job.
"It's not easy," Louise said. "When I was chaplain sometimes I'd find myself going from one end of the Bible to the other trying to find something positive."
Yeah, finding something bland and palatable in the Bible can be a tough job.
We repeated the Lord's prayer, and Mom used her own version of the various options when it comes to debts and trespasses: "Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who debt against us."
During the business meeting, Mom kept whispering to me about her husband crossing the red line and about some dream she had: "I had to take everything off until I was naked. The president told me to do that." (I hope it was a dream)
When there was a motion and a vote, Louise asked, "All in favor?"
"Amen," said Mom.
After lovely refreshments, we played some challenging games of Bingo--trying to make a window frame and then the letter H, not your usual fare.
I was holding my card up for Mom to see, to involve her in the game.
At one point, when N42 was called, she yelled out, "I have it!" Which was true.
"You do? Then you get a prize," Louise graciously answered.
She brought Mom a wrapped present, which turned out to be a box of Kleenex.
Mom enjoyed getting it and unwrapping it. Then she proceeded to pull out several tissues.
"We just need one," I corrected her.
"This is for if I decide to wipe my nose, and this is for if you do," she answered. It's true that I do a lot of wiping of her nose, which seems to drip often.
By the end of the meeting she had pulled all the tissues out of the box and they lay in a pile beside her wheelchair.
I cleaned up and prepared to take her back to Ocean View Assisted Living.
"Did you enjoy the P.E.O. meeting?" I asked her.
"Oh, yes!" she answered.
And I believe she did.
At least she was awake and alert and involved the whole time, not falling asleep.

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