Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day Six in Skilled Nursing

I woke resolved to do two things:
1) Make this move to skilled nursing work out.
2) Take care of myself. Not go crazy worrying about Mom.

To take care of myself, I planned to spend all day today and tomorrow at the LA Times/UCLA Bookfair, listening to various authors and panelists speak about their books.

To make things work out, I drove to Country Villa to check on Mom before going to the book fair. (This meant missing a couple hours of speakers.)

"Hi, Mom, how are you?" I always begin.
"I don't like it here," Mom said.
Oh dear.
"You don't like it here?" I asked. "You liked Sunrise better?"
"Yes," she said. She seemed listless, not opening her eyes, perhaps preferring not to see her surroundings.

Okay, so much for my plan of carrying on and trying to make this skilled nursing thing work out.

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