Sunday, April 29, 2007

She Needs Her White Geranium

Resolved to move Mom back to Ocean View Assisted Living, I went to the bookfair without visiting Mom first. I didn't worry about her. She could last one more day.
I remembered how at Ocean View she depended on a few key markers that told her she was okay and in a safe, pleasant place. These included the (fake) ficus tree by her door and the (fake) white geranium plant sitting in a pot at the turn of the hallway between her room and the dining room.
"There's my white geranium," she would say with satisfaction almost every time she passed the plant, either with her walker or in a wheelchair.
At first I thought I would just bring a new white geranium to County Villa Mar Vista.
But now I realize there are larger problems here than just one missing plant.
I will move her back to her white geranium.

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