Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Farewell, Ocean View

I went to Ocean View Assisted Living at 9 am to pack up Mom's belongings and furniture and meet the movers who had agreed to deliver them all to Country Villa Mar Vista.
While directing the movers, I had to explain to each of some twenty Ocean View staff members that Evelyn would not be returning.
"She needs nursing care now," I explained. "She can get IVs there, blood tests, x-rays, catheterizations. It won't be as nice as Ocean View--the beautiful surroundings, the good food, the nice people. But she'll get the care she needs."
Everyone was polite but sad to see her go.
"We'll miss her," they said and meant it.
"If you change your mind, the room is still yours for thirty days," said Donna, the director.
I didn't know that at least one person predicted, "She'll be back in less than a month. You'll see."

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