Friday, June 15, 2007

A Sleepy Day

Good news: the bacteria causing the UTI is Enterococcus, which is susceptible to Levoquin, but even more to Amoxycillin. So Dr. Rosen will switch her to Amoxycillin and "run the susceptibilities" on the culture just to make sure.

Anyway, she won't have to have an IV, which would necessitate her leaving Sunrise for a week again. That means I can leave for a week, as planned, without having her in the hospital.

With that issue out of the way, I meant to visit Mom at 2 pm and leave for Pasadena at 3:30 pm, to avoid traffic for a dinner date with John and two friends.

But I had other work to do, including writing about Calmoseptine on this blog, so I didn't arrive until 3:45 at her residence.

What if she's talkative, wants to come to my house? I worried.

"She's having a sleepy day," reported Marnie, the head caregiver.

Indeed she was sound asleep in her recliner, unrousable. What a relief that she wasn't going to be demanding and slow me down.

I bustled around setting up a new laundry hamper I'd bought, putting away Depends and Calmoseptine.

Then I tried again to rouse her, and she responded a little. I took her to the bathroom and then asked, "Would you like to go to dinner or go back to your big chair?"

"I want to go to my chair," she answered and I got her all set up therewith pillows, music on the CD player, etc.

"Okay, I'll leave you now," I said, "Unless you want to go to dinner now."

"Oh, I guess I could go to dinner," she said.

So I put her shoes back on, got her in the wheel chair, turned off the music and took her early to dinner.

By then it was 4:40. I ran to the elevator to begin my commute to downtown LA to pick up John and then drive to Pasadena against the traffic for the Dodgers game.

But at least she was happy and had been toileted and had had more stimulation than if I'd left her sitting in the chair.

At least she wasn't sad and whimpering like yesterday. Maybe the antibiotic was working to end the bladder infection.

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