Monday, June 11, 2007

'Unseen, Unsung'

There's a feature in the LA Times today, June 11, about caregivers and the mental and physical effects of caregiving.

It mentions a useful organization, Caregiver Resource Centers. There are 11 of them in California, serving about 14,000 of the 3.2 million caregivers in the state. To contact one of these centers, go to

Nationwide, there are probably 46 million caregivers.

Getting help can cut the high level of depression among caregivers by 50%.

See "Unseen, unsung" by Melissa Healy at this web address:,1,4022150.story

See also the cover story of Newsweek, June 18, 2007: "Caregiving & Alzheimer's: In a wrenching role reversal, adult children are struggling to help their ailing parents. The toll on families--and how to cope."

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