Friday, March 21, 2008

Attack of the Hospice Team

Never mind that it's Good Friday, and that I met with two hospice people yesterday, an intake specialist and an RN.
Today I'm fielding phone calls from various other hospice people.
A chaplain wants to visit (on Good Friday morning? should he be at church?).
"Fine, go ahead," I say, "But I will not be there. And she doesn't like men. I don't know if she'll let you in the room."
[Later report: she sent him running.]
While I'm at a Good Friday quiet meditation in church, and a home health aide calls on my cell to say she will visit in the afternoon if I want or Monday if I prefer.
"Visit today if you want," I say, wondering why no one gets Good Friday afternoon off, but it turns out she doesn't want to. It's a long drive across town for only one patient, and she has to pick up her kids from day care, so we agree that she will come on Monday.
Conclusion: hospice does not pause for Jesus' death or perhaps not for death at all. ("I said I could not stop for death so he kindly stopped for me?")
Actually, they are probably underpaid and overworked, the lower working class, chaplain and all.
Hospice is so sad, from every angle.
I visited Mom later in the afternoon.

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