Monday, March 17, 2008

Both Mom & the Cat

Strange that both Mom and the cat stopped eating and drinking about the same time.
I wanted to put the cat to sleep, but the vet talked me into letting her live and doing every possible measure: subcutaneous hydration, pureed food down the throat.
I'm trying to help Mom to live as long as possible too.
After struggling with the cat to get pills down her throat, I go visit Mom.
She spits out her meds, won't eat or drink.
I get impatient with Mom because I've just fought with the cat.
I can't do both of these things much longer.
I spent two hours today on Mom, 1/1/2 hours at the vet's office, not counting the hour or more morning and evening to do all the cat's intensive care.
I'm crazy.
I guess I have a sign printed on my forehead: SUCKER.
I do whatever anyone asks, at whatever cost to myself.
I've got to stop this.

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