Saturday, March 22, 2008

Smashing Glasses

Never a dull day with Mom.
I sent Ellen to help Grandma eat lunch today, and she did it, though arriving after most of the non-lunch was over. That is, Mom didn't eat much, but Ellen fed her some strawberry ice cream.
"She looked really bad," Ellen said.
Bill flew from Seattle to visit Mom. When he and I arrived at 5 pm, the staff said she was having an agitated day.
"She threw her glass across the table and it smashed right here," Stan said. "There are still bits of glass we missed on the table," he added, pointing.
"She smashed a glass???"
"Yes--just now, and she did one at lunch, and one yesterday."
"She didn't just pour the water or juice out, but smashed the glass?"
"Yes, clear across the table--quite a good arm. Did she ever play baseball?
"Oh no! And she did this three times in the last 24 hours?"
"Are you going to kick her out?"
"No," the caregivers chuckled.
I went to tell Bill, whom Mom had just recognized.
"You're my son Bill."
He tried to feed her, mostly unsuccessfully, trying to get her to lean her head back so the food wouldn't fall out before she swallowed it.
Then we took her out for ice cream, which she wouldn't eat, and for a brief visit to my house.
All in a day.

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